One of the biggest trends in the modern engagement photography is creating authentic experiences. For this engagement session in Paris our couple, who were getting married abroad, wanted to bring their dog, who would not be traveling with them for the big day, but they wanted to have him there at least in photos. 

We knew that we wanted to have an Eiffel tower view and the Louvre, so the next step was to plan the route in a way that the dog would be allowed to be there with us. To do so they've invited a friend who would be holding the dog while we were doing photos in the locations where the fluffy friends are not allowed. We started the session at Concorde which has a nice Eiffel tower view from afar and then we walked through one side of the Tuileries gardens all the way to the Louvre (there is 1 side of the garden that allows dogs, not the park itself). We also stopped at a beautiful corridor of the Louvre Museum (dogs also not allowed there) and continued to Place Collette by Palais Royal where there was a tango dancing set up at the time. It was so much fun to dance with the other couples - iconic parisian experience! We've chosen late afternoon for the shoot to have a nice soft light. To finish up the day we went to an American bar Au Caveau Montpensier on the side of Palais Royal, which has amazing atmosphere with a billiard table and a great selection of cocktails. It's also dogs friendly :) 


So if doing posed portraits not your thing, consider creating an experience for yourself doing something you truly enjoy for your engagement session or love story photoshoot and we'll be happy to help you plan it to perfection! 

Would you like to start planning your unique love story or engagement photoshoot in Paris?