The experience


You've found us :) Welcome to our website, please, feel free to look around, meet us, see our portfolios for WEDDINGS, COUPLES or FAMILIES and fall in love with our vision!


to tell us a bit about you & your photography plans and we will get back to you within 48 hours with an email answer with all the info for short sessions and to schedule your FaceTime or WhatsApp consultation if you are looking for wedding photography/videography.


We've had that lovely video/phone or in-person chat with you and it's a total match, so the next step is to sign the contract and send over the deposit to finalize your booking.


Now is the time to get to know each other closely as we will be as present as you need us in helping you with those vendor suggestions, inspirations and mood board for the big day.


If you've chosen the package that includes an engagement session we will meet each other in Paris or at the destination of your choosing for a fun shoot to capture beautiful images of you two before your big day. This is a great chance for us to get to know each other, so you are more relaxed on the wedding day trusting what we will create together. 


Embrace the French “je ne sais quoi” secret of living in the moment and allowing yourself to experience it fully! Forget about long and tiring posing sessions and have an amazing time with your loved ones instead and trust that your photographer will capture it all.


1-2 days after your wedding expect to get a message from us with the link to your wedding previews. There will be a selection from all parts of the day, so you'll have a nice choice of a Thank you image to send to your guests and something beautiful to share on your socials. This is the same link where 4-6 weeks later we will add all of your beautifully edited photos separated into folders for easy navigation: preparations, decor and location, couple session, groups, ceremony, reception, etc. 


There is nothing more timeless than a beautiful custom made photo album that we can design and print for you to pass on those beautiful memories to your children and their children afterwards. Made in France with archival quality paper and ink, those albums will stand the test of time. They also make for an amazing gift to your parents - they come in several different sizes and finishes, with and without a box. You can choose this add-on at any time and to any package, including family and couple sessions. Investment starts at 300€.


Where are you based? Do you travel?
We are based in Paris, France since 2013, but we are happy to travel to you to capture your big day in another destination.
We've done weddings in France, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, USA, Costa Rica and would love to expand our geography even more!

Usually we will arrive to your wedding destination a day before we start working to make sure we have enough time to scout the venue and light and so that you have the piece of mind that your photo/video team is present and well rested for the big day.

For the destinations further than Paris and 1-hour around it area there will be a small fee added to your package to cover our travel expense (train or plane fare and 1-2 nights in a hotel or AirBnb) and the rest we are happy to cover ourselves. For some locations like Italy we may cover even more of the travel ourselves because we'd love to go there more often. If we are already planned to be in your location during your dates then there won't be any extra charges. Please ask and we can always find a way to be there for you!
Are you always working together or also individually?
It depends on the wedding photography package you choose - sometimes it's either Anastasia or Federico individually and sometimes we team up (Fede takes on the second shooter role for photography). 

For videography it's always Fede, and sometimes we work together as photo/video but more often it's just one of us working with another photographer or videographer that our couple have chosen. 
Which languages do you feel comfortable to work in?
Anastasia is fluent in English, French and Russian. She can also work in Italian and German. 

Federico is fluent in English, French and Spanish. He also understands well German and Italian, but the speaking part is still a work in progress :)
Do you help with planning & vendor suggestions?
Yes, absolutely! We are here for you to make your dream day become a reality, and we have worked and are friends with some of the best people in the industry. We will happily share our list of suggested vendors like hair and make up artists, florists and decorators, DJs, vintage car with a driver and even wedding planners and venues if you are still in the very early stages of picking your team.

Another way we will help is collaborating with you on your mood board for the wedding. If you don’t already have one then we’ll help you create one - it’s an amazing tool to explain your vision to the whole team and make sure we are all aligned in achieving it.

And finally, Anastasia can also give you advice on the shapes of the wedding dresses and suits that work best for free movement, comfort and style. For shorter sessions we can also help planning your outfits with you to make sure they fit into the mood of your session, locations and your personality. 
How and how fast will we receive our photos?
We deliver all digital albums via a password protected gallery directly on this website in the tab "FOR CLIENTS". The images will be available for you to download in Original High-Resolution size and smaller Web-Size perfect for social media sharing. You can also share the link to your album with your loved ones if you wish. We will keep your photos in our gallery for 1 year after your event.

For every full day wedding you can expect to get the first 50 or so photo previews 1-2 days after the wedding. 
Film scans you will get 2-3 weeks after the event.
And the final digital album delivery is 4-6 weeks after the wedding. 

For engagement sessions and family shoots the delivery time is 1-2 weeks. 
How many images can we expect to receive?
It depends on the package that you've chosen and the hours of coverage. Selecting the photos is also a part of our job to create the best experience for you and sort the meaningful memories to let them tell your story. Each package has a guaranteed 50 photos per shooting hour, but that said that's the absolute minimum and we deliver all good photos - we won't deprive you from seeing all the happy faces of your guests if you've had a lot of them at your celebration and especially if you've had a second shooter :)
What's your colored vs black and white images ratio in the final album?
There is none! We love black and white images and find them so editorial and timeless - it's simply a part of our artistic vision and style. But over the years we've been getting requests every now and then to please deliver a certain black and white photo in color, so we've adapted a new system and now the black and white images you will get ALL have a color photo double. Let's say you got your 400 images from your 4 hour civil ceremony, around 200 of them you will also get as black and white shots, so 600 total images in your final gallery. We highly recommend you print those black and white ones - they go with any decor and make you look like movie stars!
Do you give out RAWs or unedited jpeg files?
The short answer - for weddings it's a NO, because those are an unfinished product - it's like asking the shop to sell you a half finished dress and why would you want it if you can get the final product with all the love put into creating it? The coloring, cropping and all the other post-production is a part of the artistic style we hope you've chosen us for. 

That said Anastasia offers a special BLOGGER photography package which is a photoshoot for up to 2 hours directly into your SD card or all non-retouched jpegs from camera directly on the day of the shoot at 300 euro. 

Seasonal family 30 minute mini sessions also include all non-edited jpegs directly from the camera on the day of the shoot for you to select the 20 images you'd like to have retouched and print ready. Those sessions are 200 euro and are only available during the cold winter season (November - March). 
How long in advance should we book you?
The sooner the better - it depends for your type of shooting. For weddings on average that's 12-6 months in advance, for family, individual and couple sessions that's anywhere 6-1 month in advance. That said you never know if there was a last minute cancellation, so it doesn't hurt to ask and see whether we are available even last minute!
Do you always sign a contract and how does the payment schedule work?
We are working legally and as such we pay taxes and also have a business insurance. In order for all of that to work smoothly we need to sign a contract with you, which is super transparent and defines all of our and your roles and obligations. For short sessions there is no need for an extra contract, you agree to the terms and conditions of your chosen package by paying the 50 euro deposit.

The contract is to be singed once we have had the consultation with you and have agreed on all the parts of your individual package and price. Once we both sign it, the 600 euro deposit is due and that insures the booking of your date in our work calendar. There is 1 deposit per contract, so if your package includes a second shooter or videography it's still just 1 deposit to book it. The remainder of your package is due on the day of your wedding. You can opt to pre-pay in full or via installments before then too - just let us know your transfer is coming in and we will prepare the receipt for it. 

We accept EU bank transfers, cash, PayPal, paying by card via SumUp. WISE will be set up shortly as well.

We hope that covers most of the questions you may have for us before our chat which we are exited to get onto our books right away! Please, tell us a bit about you and your plans for your wedding or photoshoot by...