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We are a wife and husband team specializing on capturing modern weddings, family milestones and lifestyle. Over 20 years of experience between us, 6 languages, 9 countries we used to call homes. Most importantly, we have been married since 2013 and are now raising 3 kids. We understand how precious each moment with your loved ones is and approach every shoot with editorial elegance while allowing truthful and intimate experiences to unfold. 


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Thank you notes

Olga & Arthur

Brussels, Belgium

Anastasia was shooting our wedding in August 2023 and to say she did an amazing job is simply not enough. She was INCREDIBLE! Extremely professional, great communicator, made me and my husband feel comfortable in front of the camera (which is actually quite a challenge!), and the whole process became a true joy. She was restless and despite the summer heat she was on the move all the time, capturing best moments, angles and shots. Anastasia has a beautiful vision and when we saw the final results we were speechless, the photos came out so beautiful, stylish, emotional and so us. Up until this day we get lots of compliments about our wedding pictures which people say look just like from a fashion magazine, and we love looking at those pictures again and again to bring back the beautiful memories. Besides being an amazing photographer, Anastasia is just a lovely kind person, and being so experienced with wedding shoots, she know exactly what a bride needs. She saved my feet by offering an anti-blister stick for my high hills and was helping me with putting my wedding dress on and even with taming my hair. I cannot recommended Anastasia enough, and my husband and I are extremely happy with the job Anastasia did on our wedding day.

Anastasia & Martial

Paris, France

I had the absolute pleasure of having Anastasia as our wedding photographer, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From the early morning photo session in the enchanting streets of Paris to capturing the magic of our official ceremony and the rustic charm of the countryside, Anastasia's dedication and creativity shone throughout the entire day.
Anastasia's ability to find those perfect, uncrowded spots for our photoshoot in the heart of Paris, even at 6:30 am in August, was truly remarkable. She seamlessly transitioned from one setting to another, capturing the essence of each moment flawlessly.
What sets Anastasia apart is not just her exceptional professionalism, but her genuine support and presence throughout the day. She was like a fairy godmother, a best friend, and an older sister, always ready to lend a hand or provide a reassuring presence exactly when needed. Her ability to anticipate and fulfill our needs was nothing short of magical.
And then, there are the photos themselves – simply breathtaking. Anastasia's work has created a treasure trove of memories that I can't get enough of. Her talent as a photographer and her warmth as a human being combined to make our wedding day unforgettable.

Raquel & Hezrell

Paris, France

Anastasia did a fantastic job with our Paris wedding and we couldn't have been happier. In addition to taking great photos, she was extremely helpful in guiding us on what to do, as my husband and I are definitely not naturals in front of the camera! Her creative vision and attention to detail resulted in such a beautiful collection of photos from our special day and she captured touching moments I would never have seen. She brought out the love and joy in every person she captured!
We also had a lot of fun with her and really appreciated her calmness in the moments of intense stress that I experienced throughout the wedding day.
We were also impressed with how quickly we received our preview photos (the day after the wedding!) and we didn't waste a moment sharing them with all our friends and family. I received rave reviews from everyone on our wedding photos.
My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip to Paris and we will definitely book her again for another photo shoot!