Film photography is the ultimate authentic way to preserving your memories

One of the biggest trends in photography right now, especially for weddings, is authentic experiences. Gone the « one fits all » solutions to planning the wedding day and the couples concentrate much more on exploring what they truly like, how they want to feel and spend their celebration. They don’t want to be put into poses but to actually live through the most epic day of their lives and have that captured in a candid way. If you are one of those couples, then film photography is for you - it’s timeless, it’s rare as you won’t be taking 100 shots of the same thing like it’s often done digitally. With film every shot counts, we shoot more thoughtfully, carefully choosing the moments we commit to film and let’s not forget that the colors of film, the depth of the picture it produced and even its imperfections have that beautiful nostalgic feel.

Tips for introducing film photography to your wedding

There are several ways you can go analog and add film photography to your wedding. The first and the most expensive is to go all film and choose a fine art wedding photographer. They would likely be shooting bigger format 120mm film mixing it with 35mm too and they would always have an assistant who reloads the film to allow continuous shooting. Often they would also double the shots on digital just in case and this kind of shooting on both media is called hybrid photography.

Another way, which is what we offer is to book a film photography add on to your digital wedding photography package. With us that starts at 5 rolls of 35mm film, which would give you up to 180 shots. Our film cameras of choice are Contax G1 (popular among fashion photographers) and Canon EOS3. You could even use the camera yourselves taking photos of each other - it’s so fun to get the developed film and see the photos of you taken by your love!

Our final suggestion - placing a disposable film camera on each table during your reception and let your guests go crazy playing with those! Another alternative are instant film cameras like Fuji or Polaroid - they are great for photo booths and for quick guests pics for your book of wishes.

film photography for your family, couple or individual & fashion photoshoot

The trend of analog photography has become so big that it's not just for weddings anymore, and we often have it requested for short sessions with couples and families and Federico shoots almost exclusively film for all his fashion model, influencer and blogger photoshoots. French bloggers and clothing brands love shooting film for their social media and ad campaigns. Our film add-on package can be used for any short session of 2 hours or longer.


If you have your own film camera and would love to use that during your photoshoot just ask - we'd love to help you capture those vintage vibes and you can do the whole developing and scanning yourself.