A&M Wedding at Domaine du Parc de Pontcarré

This French-Russian wedding in August is a perfect example of what can be done in just short 8 hours if the planning is just right! 

We have split the day into a morning part starting with couple portrait session in the iconic parisian backdrops at the Louvre, rue Saint-Dominique and Alexandre III bridge, followed by the civil wedding ceremony at the city hall of the 17éme arrondissement. Hair and make up of the bride (and also some of her family and bridesmaids) was done by Kateryna Zozulia.

For the second part of the day I teamed up with videographer Lana Karalus. We often work together and it's always a pleasure. It was at this wedding that I remember during the first dance the moment the music started we also started moving together in unison alongside our bride and groom as if we were dancing ourselves, shoulders almost touching, but not looking at each other - a sign we've become a great working unit! 


Anastasia and Martial have chosen Domaine du Parc de Pontcarré as a venue for their big ceremony and reception. Less than an hour away from Paris, this a lovely Italian style estate has a lot of greenery and lots of space to fit receptions for about 100 people easily. We've timed the ceremony to begin around 17:30 yet the sun was still rather strong - another thing to keep in mind for outdoor ceremonies in summer. Sunflower was the theme of the entire wedding and you can see it beautifully incorporated into the decor, especially in the reception salle. True to the French wedding traditions Anastasia and Martial did a champagne tower and opted for croquembouche instead of a wedding cake. That's a dessert consisting of many puff pastry puffs filled with creme and mounted together in a shape of a large cone with melted caramel - YUM!