Sarah & Joshua Mariage au Château de Miserai

It's a beautiful story that started with a dream. When Sarah and Josh started planning their wedding, Josh asked Sarah what her little girl's dream wedding was and she said it was a chateau in a French countryside, something with an old European charm in it, the intimacy of the close circle of family and friends. Then the guys started researching what was available and checking prices and it turned out that having a small destination wedding in a French castle may be not as expensive as they thought and can become a reality! They chose a magnificent Château de Miserai in Normandy for their wedding and me as the photographer.

They booked food at a local restaurant and picked out their flowers from a florist in town - all local. We had a Skype call to go over all the details and to at least meet on a video call beforehand, so I knew we "clicked" really well. Normandy is only a short train ride from Paris, so transportation was easy for this one. The day I spent with their family and friends was truly the highlight of my wedding season that year - so much joy and happiness! And most of them have never been to Europe or France before, didn't know what foie gras is, or spoke a word of French actually, but they were so happy to try and discover new things that it was impossible not to get excited with them. So if you've ever dreamed of a French country style wedding but were afraid to plan it or thought it would be too expensive, email me and I can put you in touch with several great local English-speaking wedding planners. Or I can give you some tips for organizing it yourself and maybe even be there to capture your special day for you!